Breast Cancer Saved My Life

Breast Cancer Saved My Life

Breast Cancer Saved My LifeBreast Cancer Saved My Life; The Wisdom of 12 years of Survivorship is a gift of love to those facing a life-threatening diagnosis and their caregivers. After twelve years of survivorship, Diane Davies once again reflects on the life lessons learned through her breast cancer journey with the enhanced awareness that only time can provide. Twelve more years of living life through the perspective of a new lens given by her cancer experience emphasizes the increased importance of the life lessons learned on her breast cancer journey in 2004. Patients, caregivers, counselors, pastors, life coaches, medical personnel, anyone hoping to understand what another goes through when facing this type of challenge will benefit from reading this book. The emotions, thoughts, challenges, insights and the prayers are a common part of the process of learning to come to terms with a medical encounter of this magnitude.


“Diane Davies shares how the simplest of life’s values are far too often overlooked yet provide the most valuable advantages for healing.”

Beverly Vote, 23-year Breast Cancer Thriver

From There to Here: A Breast Cancer Journey