Life in the Neck: New Friends

Life in the Neck, MCA Award WinnerWelcome to Life in the Neck, a beautiful place where animals form unbreakable connections. In Diane Davies’ new children’s book coming in August 2018, Life in the Neck: New Friends, you’ll meet Delaney, Rocket, and Cardinal Red who will learn about friendship, cooperation, and the busy world around them.  But when danger comes to the Neck, will their bond be strong enough to beat it?

Diane Davies with Life in the NeckDiane Davies lives in the Neck, next to the animals making their home there. You’ll find her in one of the Neck’s two houses with her husband, Papa Butch, and right next door to her granddaughter Elsie and grandson Eli, and their mom & dad. She loves her role as Gramma Diane. The entire family enjoys their life on the St. Croix River in Minnesota.

Book 1: Life in the Neck: New Friends is the first book in this enchanting new series by Diane Davies and illustrated by Margarita Sikorskaia published by Beaver’s Pond Press in Edina, Minnesota. The series will focus on learning about the animals making their home in this neck of the woods in Minnesota as well as the meaning of friendship and cooperation.

Have you discovered what the heck is a neck?




"This well-intended and lovingly rendered children’s book walks the line between showcasing sweet animal characters and describing the dangers they face. On the one hand, when the trio of friends convene in their series of playdates, theirs is an appealing community of youngsters developing friendship and trust, learning about others, and sharing of themselves. On the other hand, the constant tension of the prowling coyote imbues their days with anxiety and inevitability. Delaney, Rocket, and Cardinal may survive for now, but the book is a solid reminder that for them, danger is never far away."
— Jordana Landsman, The US Book Review. Read full review


Distinguished Honree, Recipient of the prestigious Moms Choice Award  
Eric Hoffer 2019 Children's Category Winner  Eric Hoffer 2019 Short List  Eric Hoffer 2019 First Horizon Winner

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