Nature’s Gift

On a beautifully sunny morning in Door County recently, I was walking around to the front of a nostalgic repurposed old church in Sister Bay. My motive was to take a photo of the front of the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop now making it’s home there. While my intention was to film upward to the steeple, my intuition told me to look down into the wet grass at my feet. That is where I found my “nature’s gift” calling to me in the form of a delicate nest that the wind had blown from a nearby giant of a tree.

The little woven wonder was made from dry grass and what looked like shredded paper used in packing gifts. The outside formed a perfect high-sided little cup with two delicate hangers to attach to the tree limb allowing the cup to hang down below the limb. One hanger was broken and it’s opposite was totally missing. Looking inside I found a scattering of dried grass making the bed for the tiny eggs and eventual little birds.

What little bird built this nest with its partner? How many eggs were laid? Did they survive the storm that brought the nest down or were they already gone when that happened? Where are they now?

Nature has so many many wonders to share and gifts to give. We need to remember to not only look up but down as well. The operative word for meis to remember to LOOK!

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