Caramel Apples Eli Style

September 24, 2018

The caramel apple kit purchased on my recent trip to Door County contained a tub of caramel, a package of ground up peanuts, 6 pointed at one end wooden sticks, and 6 cupcake papers. Just add four large apples that Papa brought home and one six year old and you have the makings of the “best caramel apples in the world.”

Eli and I talked about this on Sunday and made plans for Monday afternoon to put this all into action. Running to meet me as he stepped off of the school bus was Eli shouting, “It’s time to make caramel apples Grandma!” However, first things first, we had to stop mid-driveway (ours is about ½ mile long) to answer nature’s call.

Upon arriving home, we washed our hands, read the directions and began the preparations.

  • Pound the sticks into the apples.
  • Heat the caramel in the microwave – no more than 1 ½ minutes. Do not boil.
  • Dip the apple in the caramel. Use a small spatula to help spread the caramel over the apple.
  • Roll the caramel covered apple around in the nuts.
  • Place apple in cupcake paper to cool and become less sticky.
  • After a short stay in the refrigerator – ENJOY!

I wonder why Eli said to me, “Grandma, you have to cut mine up for me or I won’t be able to eat it!”   (Check out the attached photo.)

The Golden Rule
Nature's Gift

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