The Golden Rule

September 25, 2018

Remember the Golden Rule?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It was probably the first bit of Christian learning and relationship training that I have memory of my parents teaching my brothers and I. Our pastor at CGUCC preached a sermon on the Golden Rule in 2015. It was interesting to hear that the Golden Rule, in some form or another, appears in almost every religion or ethical tradition in the world.

My book dedication in Life in the Neck New Friends highlights the Golden Rule. “To my grandchildren, Elsie and Eli. Always remember to treat your friends as you would like them to treat you.” The story in New Friends reflects that sentimentality.

On a day-to-day basis, living by the Golden Rule will certainly make you a better and happier person. It will also make those around you happier and will make the community you live in a better place. So if it is that simple and the world is aware of this, why is it so hard to live by?

While conducting an online search regarding the Golden Rule, I found an article by Leo Babauta giving tips for living the Golden Rule. It might just be worth a try. What can it hurt?

18 Practical Tips for Living the Golden Rule      By Leo Babauta

Practice empathy.

  1. Practice compassion.
  2. How would you want to be treated?
  3. Be friendly.
  4. Be helpful.
  5. Be courteous in traffic.
  6. Listen to others.
  7. Overcome prejudice.
  8. Stop criticism.
  9. Don’t control others.
  10. Remember what it is like to be a child.
  11. Send yourself a reminder.
  12. Tie a string to your finger.
  13. Post it on your wall or make it your home page.
  14. Rise above retaliation.
  15. Be the change.
  16. Notice how it makes you feel.
  17. Say a prayer.
  18. “May I gain no victory that harms me or my opponent.

May I, insofar as I can, give all necessary

help to my friends and to all who are in need.

May I never fail a friend in trouble.”

That is quite a list! The Golden Rule itself may be simple but learning to live it is quit another challenge.



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