You had what waxed?

September 27, 2018

Why is it the older you get the thinner your hair on the top of your head? Then also the older you get the more hair starts to show up on other parts of your body where it had never been before. Case in point, hands, fingers, toes, nose, ears, face, and etc.

For the last few years, I’ve begun to look and feel like a hairy ape with my hands, fingers and toes sprouting hairs. My toes I’d just shave along with the rest of my leg. But good heavens I couldn’t start shaving the backs of my hands and fingers could I?Thank goodness the hair is light blond in color so hopefully it doesn’t show too much. I know that it is there and it drives me crazy.

Six weeks ago while having my nails done, I asked the manicurist if she ever waxed anyone’s hands. “No,” was her reply. “Why?” I pointed out to her the bothersome hair on both of my hands and she just laughed at me. “I’ll do it but I don’t see why as you are probably the only one that sees it!” I didn’t even asked how much it would cost. I just told her to do it.

She spread the hot wax on a small area of my pointer and middle finger. Then applied the paper tape or whatever it is and smoothed it over. Next thing I knew she pulled hard and fast on the tape and off came the nasty hair! “Ouch,” I hollered more of an afterthought than any real pain as her hand jerked up and towards my face taking the finger hair along with it. “Yes!” came my response. “Keep going. Let’s get it all!” I’m sure no one noticed but me. I love my hairless hands once again.

I had my nails done again today and yes I had my fingers waxed and the back of my hands. I asked her if she waxes anyone else’s fingers and she replied with a grin, “No, actually you are the only one!” Sandal time is over for the season. It is time to get out the winter socks. Come next spring I’ll have my toes waxed also and once again I’ll be the only one who has that done. Whatever – it makes me happy!

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