Golf Cart Driving 101

September 29, 2018

“As we age . . . “ is a phrase that I seem to be hearing all too often lately. As if I don’t know that my age is crawling up there!?!?!?! Doctors especially seem to love that expression to explain every new little development that my body gets into.

On the other hand, “as we age . . . “ can also apply to some neat stuff to make our lessening mobility not so hard to handle. Recently Butch and I purchased a fun little golf cart to run around our property with. For instance when traveling up the drive get

the grandkids off of the bus, or taking lunch up to the shop for the gang, or even hauling supplies down to the dock for an afternoon on the pontoon, the golf cart comes in very handy.

Driving the cart does take a little know how that with a bit of practice can be learned. You know the saying, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” So go ahead and call me the “old dog”.

On my first trip up the drive to pick up Eli off the bus, I drove very carefully trying to remember all of the tricks for smooth operation that Butch had shared with me. All went well until I tried to back the cart into the space in front of our front door. Eli is shouting, “stop” as my foot hits the accelerator instead of the brake. “I told you to stop,” implores Eli as we crash into the front door popping it open. “Did I break anything?” I asked. He looked rather stunned and replied, “Well there is just a few pieces of wood here, Grandma. I told you to stop!”

Eli is happy to take on the driving and the parking when he is with me now! Oh well, that works for me!!!!

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