Logo Loco Revisited

October 5, 2018

After sending out yesterday’s blog post, I received a bunch of yeas and 1 nay on my new logo. My friend, Troy Pribnow, responded: “ I like the logo but as a graphic designer I have wonderings in my head. What would you think of a quill drawing a decorative line between “dianedavies.com” and “author”? I am in no way trying to step on your toes or diminish your efforts; just my wonderings.”

I too must have had some “wonderings” as well. I liked the lamp and the colors all right. I really just wanted it done and out of the way. So I settled for the one I showed you yesterday with the lamp (bright idea! as another friend responded). I knew it wasn’t perfect but with the time and money involved it would do and I’d live with it.

Then along came Troy’s message and idea. After a lot of back and forth on Facebook this is what he came up with for me:

The quill says author much more than the lamp. I really, really like it so much. Troy’s response: “I think it fits you better, too.” Thanks Troy. You are the best!!!!

Battle Tribe
Logo Loco

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