Battle Tribe

October 11, 2018

Do you remember Roxane Battle from KARE 11 – news anchor and co-host of NBC Today Show? Roxane is now an award-winning author of Pockets of Joy Deciding to Be Happy, Choosing to Be Free. She continues to make her home in Minneapolis where she is a journalist, author and speaker.

I had the privilege earlier this week to meet Roxane at an intimate gathering of Beaver’s Pond Press authors. We came together to have her share her expertise on marketing and media. Through Roxane’s charismatic character and charming appeal, she allowed us a peek inside to the real Roxane Battle personality. She radiates joy and projects positivity. She expertly created in one hour and a half the Pocket of Joy Tribe, or what I like to call the Battle Tribe, ready to take some baby steps into the media world.

Media, press, social media etc. is what sells books. You can write the best book ever and not move one off of the shelf without it. What good is what you think is a bestseller taking up space and collecting dust in your closet? If you are not willing to do the marketing work, then hire a publicist who will! If can’t afford the publicists, then you either do the work or let the books collect more dust where we all lose!

Roxane was sharing about her winning of the Minnesota Independent Publishing Associations’ Book of the Year Award and what that meant to her and her career as an author. She went on to talk about the Mom’s Choice Award and what a valuable award that would be to win. I very quietly piped up, “I have one of those.” She stopped in mid-sentence, looked my way and said, “What did you say?” I repeated my statement about having one of those and she began to applaud. I never in my wildest dreams gave that kind of credence to what I had already won with Life in the Neck New Friends. Thank you Roxane to opening my eyes to what was already in my hands.

I left Beaver’s Pond Press that night with renewed energy and might I say with a bit of a swagger as I walked out to my car in the rain. Only a few cars were left in the parking lot to see me, however! But look out world of the media, I’m ready to take you on and with the help of the Mom’s Choice Award sell more books.

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