Gathering In

October 22, 2018

Fall is here again and we are all busy “gathering in”! So what is this gathering in that we are doing? The dictionary tells us that gather is a verb with lots of meanings;

  1. Form into a group
  2. Harvest something
  3. Collect data
  4. Attract a following
  5. Accumulate something
  6. Find inner strength
  7. Surmise something
  8. Bring somebody or something close
  9. Lift somebody or something up
  10. Wrinkle brow
  11. Pull fabric together
  12. Put pages in order
  13. Prepare molten glass for blowing
  14. Form pus-filled head

As a noun it only has two meanings; 1. Fold in fabric 2. Molten glass ball

In my experience, this time of year means the gathering in of family back into the home. Summer finds us scattered to all kinds of activities, camps, vacations, and cabins. As school starts and weather gets colder and the days shorter, we form back into the family group once again. Board games, puzzles and good books to read are found once again and made accessible.

Harvesting something is certainly a big part of the gathering in process. Our farm neighbors are busy in their fields bringing in the year’s crops of corn and soybeans to sell or to store for sale later when the prices are higher. Those that garden are busy gathering in the fruits of all their summer labor, the squash, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes and all the rest of the plot’s offerings.

We gather the leaves, clean up the flower gardens, put the lawn furniture away, turn on the heat, clean the fireplace, cut and split the wood, spray the box elder bugs, wash the windows, make the sauerkraut, find the snow blower and shovels, dig out the winter clothes and boots and coats . . .   Oh my – that list makes me tired! We do need to find our inner strength to get it all done. I’m just glad that I haven’t found any pus-filled heads or molten glass for blowing. I’m afraid that would do me in.

Fall Rainy Lake Style
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