Fall Rainy Lake Style

October 24, 2018

What is more beautiful than a fall day on the lake with a clear blue sky and sunshine on all of God’s handiwork? The fall season on Rainy Lake is pretty much at end with the majority of leaves having already fallen. And yet, if you look closely, Mother Nature is not quite ready to step into the next season. On this granite outcropping close to our dock, the little red squirrels have been busy tearing pinecones apart to find the seeds. They love to leave these little glorious piles everywhere!

A fewred leaves of a plant struggling to hang on to the granite surrounded by the pine needles of the year gone by. The subtle color so beautiful with the rock and bright sunshine.

This is perhaps my favorite photo. I’m standing on the float of the plane and watching the yellow leaves dancing on the water. The sunlight made them look like gold coins floating on the surface. With all of the frost this morning adorning the grass and rooftops, can winter be far behind?


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