October 25, 2018

My blog post today is a vocabulary lesson with a couple of pictures to act as a reminder of the words’ meaning.

I have been told by a few of my mentors and friends that I am tenacious! Is that a good thing to be or not? The dictionary tells me that tenacious is an adjective meaning determined or stubborn, persistent, tightly held, able to remember many things, sticky or clinging, and not easily disconnected. Both tenaciousness and tenacity are nouns. Synonyms are listed as stubbornness, obstinacy, resolve, firmness, persistence, insistence, doggedness, drive, determination, and steadfastness. Antonyms are irresolution and flexibility.

So is being tenacious a good thing to be or not so good? As with a number of words in the English language, the context and perspective of how the word is used helps to determine the word’s meaning. Obstinacy and doggedness seem a far distance from drive and determination when describing someone’s personality. Then on the other hand is the antonym flexibility really the opposite of stubbornness or clinging? I guess it is depending on the circumstances of how it is used.

I took the photos below of the silo on the Davies family homestead inDenmark Township. How would you describe that tree growing twenty feet out of the top? Is it stubborn, or persistent, or full of resolve, or determined? Is it flexible or inflexible? There is not a branch on the trunk until it leaves the top of the silo. And inside the trunk is seriously about twelve inches in diameter! It must have grown tall and then widened out. Is that flexible or insistent? In my mind that is one tenacious tree. Unfortunately it is becoming the source of its own demise. As the top of tree sways in the wind, it is slowly but surely, round for round, knocking the tiles down that make up the silo. Perhaps that is all part of its tenacity!?!?!   What would you call it?






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