Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer by Davies and Nobens

As a breast cancer survivor of fourteen years, I saw  the lack of breast cancer information for when someone close to a child is diagnosed with this life threatening disease.  How do I tell my child or children about breast cancer?  Where do I go to find help in doing this inthe right way?  How do I involve my child in myjourney? 

I’m Diane Davies, retired elementary teacher and award winning author.  My newly released book,  Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer  illustrated by C.A. Nobens, has the answers for you to these difficult questions.  Grandma’s breast cancer journey is told through thevoice of six year old Jeannie Ann who with the help of her loving family  learns to face the fears, emotions and needs overwhelming what her family is experiencing.  Cancer, tumor, mastectomy, chemotherapy, pain, love, death, prayers are all a part of the story that Jeannie Ann shares with us.  Written with honesty, love and understanding, Jeannie Ann’s Grandma has Breast Cancer, is sure to impact the family of a cancer patient positively.  C.A. Nobens caught the simple yet powerful message of Jeannie Ann and helped me to tell the story through her beautiful and perceptive illustrations.

With two corporate sponsors, Ames Construction and Vermillion State Bank, as well as many friends on the Jeannie Ann Go Fund Me account, I am able to gift these books to cancer care centers throughout the state of Minnesota.  If you work at a cancer care center and would like to see these books available for your patients, please contact me at or call 651-436-7234 for more information.  Help with the shipping costs would be most appreciated.

To date, we have gifted nearly 650 copies of Jeannie Ann’s story.  But it is never too late.  If this is something that touches your heart and you would like to help, please use the contact information above or make a donation at Jeannie Ann’s Go Fund Me account.  You can visit my website at for more information.




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