In Pursuit of a TV Interview – Part 2

Travelers:        Vicki Amundson and Diane Davies

Destination:    Atlanta, Georgia – Preach the Word Worldwide Network TV Studio, Roswell, GA

2:30 P.M. appointment with Bishop Larry Carnes for the book interview regarding Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer.

July 13, 2019

2:23 P.M.        We pull up and park by the front door of the building where the studio is located.  No umbrellas.  No raincoats.  No brains.  We run through the rain and arrive ON TIME looking like drowned rats from Minnesota!

2:30 P.M.        Arrive in studio offices after having run through rain monsoon and water up to our ankles.  We were soaked, hair, clothes, shoes and all.  Dr. Larry D. Carnes, Books of the Month program host, met with us for a few minutes of get acquainted chit chat.  He felt that Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer was both powerful and impactful.  “Are you ready?” he asked.  I responded with, “Well I think I need to use a bathroom to try and save what’s left of me and my hairdo!” 

                        After trying to dry my hair with paper towels, adding a little “product” as they say, and applying make-up once again to replace what washed off in the Georgia shower, we were off to the studio.  Being a Saturday, they had a pretty bare bones staff on hand to do the taping.

                        Two tall chairs where set on a green background cloth – the cover of the Jeannie Ann Book will be added to the background later.  Two technicians were set up with the cameras and computers and such and away we went with the interview with Dr. Larry on his stool and I on mine.  The main thrust of the interview was on the impact the book was having on its readers.  When I have the information regarding the airing of the program, date, time and channel etc., I will make that known so you can share in watching the program.

                        We visited a bit longer after the interview finished.  The Bishop, Dr. Larry, was astonished that we had traveled all that way for just one day and were heading home again that evening.  He really seemed in no hurry to visit Minnesota any time soon.  Our winter weather legends and chronicles have the south pretty much afraid to travel north.  “What do you do when it’s so cold and snowy?” he asked.  “Carry on with our lives,” we replied.  “”Just like you do down here in the heat.”

4:00  P.M.        Or there about, we’re back in the car, headed toward Atlanta and the airport once again.  We arrive around an hour later to return the car to the rental company and back track our way into the terminal.  This time following the steps backwards from about 3 hours ago.

                        Lots of walking and an escalator or two.

                        Sky Train back to the terminal.

                        Tram out to the concourses.

                        Check In  – TSA Pre-Check

                        Find the Gate D23 and that our flight is delayed until 7:45 P.M.  We checked in with the gate agent as we did not want to miss our flight at 10:44 P.M. out of Charlotte to Minneapolis.  He assured us that that would still allow us plenty of time to make that flight.  We headed off to find some dinner.

6:00 P.M.        We found Mustard Seed BBQ and ordered drinks and dinner and began to relax for the first time thinking we were all set.  Then the iPhone began to ding with messages:

                                                Flight 5212 to Charlotte delayed to 8:30 P.M.

                                                Flight 5212 to Charlotte delayed to 9:04 P.M.

                                                Due to delay, you may miss your connecting flight to Minneapolis

                                                Flight 5212 to Charlotte canceled.

                                                You will miss your flight to Minneapolis. 

                        Choking down our dinner, we headed back to Gate D23 to find the line to speak with an agent at least 20 people long if not longer.   We asked where customer service was located and were told that we were looking at it.  By now 5 more people have joined the line.  An airline agent was handing out cards instructing us to call customer service to get help before we got to the counter as that would speed up everything for everyone.  Right!?!?! 

                        We called the number and the agent, after what seemed like forever, came back on the phone and told us to stay in line and request a hotel voucher when we got to the desk and have the agent arrange flights for us in the morning.  The airplane loading at the gate right then was heading to Charlotte.  We had been told earlier that it was already over booked.  At that point the desk agent announced that if you are heading to Chicago, the next departure at that gate after the Charlotte flight left, please step aside and let the Charlotte passengers ahead of you in line.  Now we are 6 people waiting in line rather than 20. 

                        After what seemed like forever, it was finally our turn with the agent.  Believe it not, it was the same agent that we had talked with earlier who had assured us that we would make our flight out of Charlotte to Minneapolis with no problem.  We approached and told him we needed a hotel voucher and flights in the morning.  He just smiled and said, “Ladies, I’ll get you home tonight!”  The next thing we knew, he handed us boarding passes for the Charlotte flight leaving immediately.  After much thanks, we walked right on to the plane, the doors closed and we were headed to Charlotte with plenty of time to make our connecting flight to Minneapolis.  “What just happened?” We decided it must have been our good looks, clean living, old age?  For whatever reason, we were where we needed to be and on our way home.

10:00 P.M.      Landed in Charlotte.  Found our concourse and gate and frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and had time to spare.

10:44 P.M.      Left Charlotte on time for Minneapolis.

July 14, 2019

12:20 A.M.      Landed in Minneapolis.  Picked up our luggage at the Intercontinental Hotel and retrieved the car out of the Valet Parking and headed home.

Talk about putting 10 pounds of s— in a 5 pound bag!  We packed a lot into those twenty-two hours.  I have to say I’m too old to ever try that again!  But it certainly was a fun and exciting adventure! Thanks to Vicki Amundson for her willingness to be my partner in this non-stop travelathon.

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