Diane always felt a need to write but it wasn’t until her breast cancer journey in 2004 that she made a deliberate effort to keep a daily journal.  That journal became From There to Here; A Breast Cancer Journey, Diane’s first published book. After twelve years of survivorship, Diane looked again at the life lessons conveyed in her first book and created Breast Cancer Saved My Life a gift of love and understanding for those facing any life threatening medical challenge.  Life in the Neck: New Friends is Diane’s first children’s book.  After having read hundreds of books to her elementary students, Diane has found her niche in writing them.  Coming soon Life in the Neck: Squirrel Trouble and Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Saved My Life; The Wisdom of 12 years of Survivorshipis a gift of love to those facing a life-threatening diagnosis and their caregivers. After twelve years of survivorship, Diane Davies once again reflects on the life lessons learned through her breast cancer journey with the enhanced awareness that only time can provide.

From There to Here; A Breast Cancer Journey deals head on with life’s messy issues when you or a person you love is diagnosed with cancer.  Diane Davies, trying to deal with her own diagnosis of breast cancer, kept a 302 day journal to record her thoughts, feelings, and interactions with her husband, family, friends, doctors and other medical staff.

Welcome to Life in the Neck, a beautiful place where animals form unbreakable connections. In Diane Davies’ new children’s book, Life in the Neck: New Friends, meet Delaney, Rocket, and Cardinal Red who will learn about friendship, cooperation, and the busy world around them. But when danger comes to the Neck, will their bond be strong enough to beat it?
“I found your beautiful book, “Life In The Neck: New Friends.” The story is very sweetly told, and of course I love the outdoor/wildlife theme. It is illustrated in a warm and lively way that should appeal to many a young reader.

Douglas Wood

...and Old Turtle smiled.”